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Sara Furlong


Sara Furlong is a best-selling and award-winning author with almost two decades of experience creating engaging content for kids.

Sara's work ranges from funny and thought-provoking picture books to gripping novels that take kids and teens on exciting adventures. She also creates carefully crafted journals to bring out the creative spirit inside every child and mystery activity books that invite kids to become the detective in an interactive mystery.

What distinguishes Sara is her unwavering dedication to igniting the love for reading, even in the most reluctant young readers. She firmly believes that every child has the natural ability to embrace the magic of reading and that, as an author, it's her responsibility to craft stories that awaken their curiosity and nurture a lifelong passion for books.

If you’re looking for books that are unique, engaging and designed to draw your child in from page one, then you’ll definitely want to check out Sara’s work.

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