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Realtor Corner

Home buyers want in a new space to call home.

Since you, the realtor, are dealing with properties, remember to leave plenty of room in your advertising media layout for pictures. You want clients to see a property and wish they could learn more about it. You can emphasize an image by leaving enough space between the photo and the text or try using a border to frame & draw attention to it.

If you communicate with clients via a newsletter, don't just rely on listings and pictures of properties to make it interesting. People want newsletters, so they can stay informed. Add articles that will help homeowners and property buyers make the most of their investment. You can also update them on the state of the market, so they have an idea of what

to do next.

Another type of content you can include in your newsletter is a column offering tips and advice on how to take care of properties. This could include home improvement, landscaping, or tips on maintenance that people can do to increase the value of their properties.


  • Declutter
  • Use a Staging Company
  • Have the home Professionally Cleaned
  • Purchase fresh flowers
  • Have snacks for potential buyers

See tips below

cheerful young couple man and woman welcome friends at open front door new student home apartment

5 Ways to Prepare Your Listing for an Open House

Those first few minutes can make or break a client’s decision on whether to buy a house. Create that neighborhood buzz by being prepared and organized for your next open house. Is the place clean? Does it smell pleasant? Does it look well taken care of? Is this my next home? Questions such as these pass through the buyer's mind as they walk through a potential home. To increase desirability, take the time to prepare for your open house, making it appealing to all the senses. We recommend the following five ways to prepare a home for an open house:

Declutter: Let’s be honest, nobody wants to walk into an open house seeing the current homeowners personal items. We want to create a space where buyers can imagine seeing themselves living in this environment. Take the time to do a visual inventory of all items and examine what should be removed. Take out all pet-related items (e.g. dog kennels, water bowls, pet toys). All surfaces such as counters, tables, desks and more, should be cleared and uncluttered, and move any smaller kitchen appliances into a storage space or cupboard.

Use a staging company: Staging is an excellent way to use a home designer's eye to spruce up a home. Stagers can also remove current items, replace them with designer items that best suit the space, or even stage an empty residential unit that is currently not tenanted.

house from in hand

Helping Future Homeowners

Become familiar with the

First Home Savings Account


The FHSA was announced by the Federal Government in 2022

It is a registered plan to help homeowners save tax-free for their first home.

  • No tax on any investment earnings or withdrawals for first home purchase

  • Make tax-free contributions for up to 15 years with annual limit of $15,000 and lifetime limit of $40,000

  • No minimum amount to open the FHSA

More information at the website


Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods


Ideas for tackling affordable housing with

City Government Involvement

Low-rise houses mixed-use urban multi-family residential district area development blue sunny sky background

Expanding Housing Opportunities in Neighbourhoods is an ongoing, citywide initiative being undertaken by City Planning. Housing initiatives such as this would go through the Planning & Housing Committee, chaired by Councillor Gord Perks, who can be contacted at

Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods is a City of Toronto initiative to facilitate more low-rise housing in residential neighbourhoods to meet the needs of our growing city. The City is working to expand opportunities for “missing middle” housing forms in Toronto, ranging from duplexes to low-rise walk-up apartments. All of these housing types can be found in many parts of Toronto today, but have historically been limited in where they can be newly built. Expanding Housing Options in Neighbourhoods is one solution among a range of City initiatives to increase housing choice and access and create a more equitable, sustainable city.


Looking further afield

Like cities around the world, the Danish capital Copenhagen is growing.

Local and national urban planners have drawn up a holistic plan

for energy, climate, transport

and other aspects of city management that otherwise might put heavy pressure

on infrastructure and services.

Denmark has been engaged in city planning for their citizens for many years and has a network of companies at home and abroad that can help other countries.

Much of these resources are facilitated by The Trade Council in the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Danish trade missions around the globe, with extensive experience in public and private sectors.

As an example of how other countires stand to benefit, cities like New York, Los Angeles and Austin can utilise the many years of Danish waste industry experience to help eliminate waste disposal.

5 Ways to Prepare for an Open House (continued)

Have the home professionally cleaned: A professional cleaner will help the home shine. Many potential buyers like the appearance of a new home, so you want it to sparkle. We strongly recommend engaging a cleaner the day before the open house.

domestic cleaners

Purchase fresh flowers for the home: Do this on the day of your open house; flowers instantly spruce up a room and create a pleasant scent. A small detail, flowers transform the home into a house.

Flower Bouquet in Vase
Gingerbread Cookies

Have snacks ready to go for potential purchasers:

Some realtors like to have premixed cookies in the oven,

which creates an inviting environment.

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked cookies?

It also increases hospitality towards all potential purchasers,

as they can enjoy a sweet snack

once the cookies have cooled out of the oven.

Use each of these steps to create a special experience for a potential buyer - after all, this could be their next home and your next paycheck!

5 Ways to Prepare for an Open House

by Megan Hymanyk