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achieving through contrariety

Writmount is a multi-faceted company engaged in producing books and magazines, creative design, advertising content and media forms to embrace the future gamut of publishing

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Writmount Publishing Inc.

Publishing is a life-long endeavour for us.

In short, publishing is creating writing or content and making it available for others to read or view.

A book, magazine, article or media form in print or digital format, is comprised of words and images and can be used for communication, education and entertaining.

Essentially, there are different categories of books, known as genres, that range from fictional works such as drama, thriller, romance to children's books and non-fictional works including essays, biographies, technical, and scientific compositions.

There are also various sub-genres, works that are sub-divisions of a genre, for example children's books that can be classed as fairy tales.

Publishing sets down thoughts and ideas, creative or factual, in a form that can be disseminated to others.

There is so much to be explored and learnt.

Join us, as we make the journey

to discover the many facets of publishing.


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Digital format

E-Newsletters and magazines

Online Magazines

Such as Linking Women, the

e-zine that helps women connect for business or life tips.

Ready to View.

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Published content

A blog on various topics. First, Old Hand Printing Presses and Victorian Rare Books.

A bit of history!

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Novice authors are welcome

Writmount recognizes that everyone has a contribution to make and simple manuscript outlines can be incredibly powerful if re-envisioned with suggestions.

Unpublished authors can present brief outlines of any works they would like to suggest for publishing. Upon review, we will advise if we are interested in exploring various publishing avenues.

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suggestions for articles

As stated above, outlines for articles can be submitted and upon review may be published.

childern's fun time

Like many others, we believe children's books represent a unique endeavour. Children deserve to have fun, to learn and to grow and reading cultivates all these abilities.

Submissions also welcome.

Watch as we unveil a new chapter in our history and light up faces!

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Writmount Publishing Inc. is exclusive publisher to Kath Harson

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"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."

Quotation by Charles William Eliot